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You need to hire Voice over services in India when your audio (dialogues, narrations) in a specific language needs to be converted into a different language audio. Online training courses corporate presentations, computer-based-training modules, advertisements, movies, and documentaries use voice-overs for use in different countries which have a different language. Sharpline Graphics voice-over artists lend the most appropriate professional audio recordings for your voice-over requirements.

Voice over services in India involve the development of script of the audio which is used by the voice artists to record and deliver the audio. If you want the voice-over in different languages then Sharpline Graphics gets the script translated into any specific language and employs expert professional native voice-over artists in that particular language to produce the audio recordings in an in-house professional studio. Our skillful and experienced team of integrated translation professionals undertakes turnkey projects and may also include transcription of the audio to extract the script. This script is then translated by a native professional translator into your desired language and a professional voice-over artist records the audio to meet all your requirements.

Top quality Translation services in Delhi are provided by Sharpline Graphics. Our team seamlessly integrates the voice-over to make sure that the adapted version perfectly matches the quality of your original product. This procedure involves overlaying voice-over matching the time-code and the script.

Sharpline Graphics team offers you different voice-over artists who have expertise based on their language, age, gender, voice style and tone. We deliver quality voice-over services for a variety of media including:

Customer and Sales Presentations, Corporate and Promotional Videos, Public Service Announcements, Training programs, Product Endorsement, Commercials localized for specific country, Point of Purchase & Point of Sale Messages, Narratives, Imaging, Promos , E-learning, Instructional guides, Kiosks, Jingles and lot more.

Sharpline Graphics is one of the renowned companies which offer voice over services in India. We have been adding the best voice-over artists around the world to the talent pool to ensure perfect match for your requirement. Our best quality voice over services in India are being hired by more than 1,000 clients all over the world.

Sharpline Graphics provide voice-over services in most of the Asian languages and European languages backed by years of experience in voice over services in India and wide reach around the world. We can also review your important texts according to your business’s own guidelines and glossaries, thus, ensuring that your translated documents fit in with your company culture and tone of voice.

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Voice Over Services in India

We have experienced an excellent voice over services in India. It was a good service which helps us to have the worldwide connection in an elegant manner. The linguistic experts employed in the voice over services in India aids for excellent communication of the objectives.

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