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Translation services in India are indeed an inevitable necessity to connect with the target audience, particularly the customers having diverse culture and language. All businesses need to communicate in the native language of the target audience to communicate effectively and achieve their objective. Sharpline Graphics is undoubtedly one of the renowned translation agencies in India which bridges this language as well as cultural gap through its precise and highly reliable translation of content.

Amongst the best translation companies in India, Sharpline Graphics is a chief provider of professional Translation as well as Localization services in around 80 languages around the world that include many rare languages. Sharpline Graphics accepts your source document in any format (website, printed materials, prepress files, presentation, software GUI, help files, etc) and delivers you the translated documents back in the same format. Translation agencies in Bangalore have expert professionals in various domains which include graphic designing, publishing along with pre-press activities. There are Software engineers who enable Sharpline Graphics to work with your content in any format. Sharpline Graphics comprises of an experienced team of 50+ in-house language translation specialists who work with more than 200 contracted native translators to deliver more than 25 projects a day to over 1000 satisfied clients in India, that includes many of the large language translation companies in India.

Localization, conversion, adaptation and repurposing are synonymously used for Translation though each of these words distinctively refer to different aspects as indicated below.

Localization refers to the adaptation of any content in a given language to another language. It involves editing to match the geo-cultural indicators such as graphics, colors, currency, number and date formats, etc.


Translation activity can be managed by anyone including you, provided you are willing to spare your valuable time to locate an appropriate translator and coordinate the activity. You will note that the difference is in the simplicity of the translation procedure versus the complexity of the localization procedure. The professional translation services in India usually involve the below listed activities:

  • The project manager receives the files and sends them to the translator
  • The translator receives these files and translates them
  • The project manager then delivers the files to the client

This procedure might seem simple to you, however, in reality, it isn’t. Language translation services in India involve a number of professional skills that include management of project, graphic engineering and many others depending on the expertise needed for a particular project.


Language translation services in Delhi have become an inevitable need of any business to reach the potential customers especially when they have a different language and culture. Sharpline Graphics delivers high quality professional translation services in India assuring that the language translation is provided by the native translators guaranteeing the complete accuracy of the language translation. Effective communication with your customers can be achieved only when you communicate in their native language. Translation provided by Sharpline Graphics assist you to communicate with your customers effectively.

Being one of the top ranked translation agencies in India, Sharpline Graphics offers professional language translation and localization services in more than 60+ international languages from around the globe. The professional translation services in India cover various Asian languages, European languages, Slavic languages, Scandinavian languages, Indian languages and many Middle East languages. Sharpline Graphics language translators are mostly professional native translators having an academic qualification in language translation and have a work experience of at least five years meeting all the quality requirements of translations.


Back Translation means translating a document previously translated in to another language back to its original language. Sharpline Graphics delivers back translation services along with language translation services ensuring that back translation is done by a different translator.

Back language translation services in India allow you to compare the translated version with the source document in the original language. Back translation ensures the reliability and the validity of translation.

It is important to not expect a perfectly matching back translated document since back translation may use different words which are synonymous and then some words in one language may not have any equivalent word the translated language. Translation is an art which relies on the creative skills of the translator rather than a logical or methodical skill.

The language translators who provide back translation must have an excellent command on both the source language and the target language, and are expected to use a literal translation approach during back translation.

The purpose is to allow the original author to compare the back translated document with the original document.

The main process flow of the translation cycle includes:

  • translation
  • Back-translation
  • Comparison of both the documents
  • Modification and rectifications of the translated document according to the mistakes found by the back translated document
  • Final version of translated document


  • As a reputed language translation company in India, Sharpline Graphics boasts highly qualified translators and their translation deliveries are constantly validated to ensure that the clients get the best translators to work on their translation requirements.
  • Sharpline Graphics use an impartial selection and grading system for selecting and working with translators from across the world. The criteria include:
  • The translator must be a native of the target language;
  • The translator must have good expertise in the source language;
  • The translators should be at least a post graduate;
  • The translator should have at least 10 years of translating experience;
  • The translator should have subject matter expertise.
  • Those language translators who fulfill all the above listed requirements must submit a sample translation for review by Sharpline Graphics experienced translators, who will approve and then grade each translator approved for empanelment.
  • A language translation company in India necessarily has to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, before any translation project is assigned.

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Language Translation Services in India

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